Introduction (sketch)

Relationship to Kierkegaard

This web site in many parts is essentially some sort of a rewriting of Kierkegaard's philosophy. It relies in general acceptance of his views of "Religion A" and restructures some issues of importance to him in relation to "Religion B". In short it means that it combines my understanding of nature that I've acquired elsewhere, by living, and not directly in any particular literal source, combined in my disappointment eg. to naturalistic moral philosophy which I see is full of platitudes, however still adding some important interpretative frameworks (as science always does).

The nature I interpret by the way of thinking I have learned to elaborate by Kierkegaard. However, I interprete eg. Christianity in general mainly as a justification of livestock husbandry and related practices, and instead I understand the true source of our natural morality emerging from warnings received from other animals (especially songbirds) which we tend to bypass without noticing. This re-structuring is essentially a vegan view of life where we hold different relationships to different animals, not primarily as a subject to predating (eg. natural science thinks these relationships as "food chain" and such). And the quality of relationships varies. Most important relationship are (european) songbirds (from house sparrow) not interpreted in esthetic way (beatiful singing etc.), but as something who help us form meanings and are essential part of our thinking itself, and still may be in danger directly due to our precence itself (experienced eg. as anxiety, despair).

This way I try to answer to some problems of this day, eg. climate change and relationship and belonging to nature, but also understand some other human experiences too. However, Kierkegaard's thinking as such is too humancentric and I seldom directly refer to it, but I suppose his way of thinking until some critical point is still influential.

Based on this philosophy I have also opened a site in order to promote different ways to improve habitats and provide nesting places to birds in cities.

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