Phenomenological approach.



World and it's entities can be immediately perceived, experienced in their existence. This is connected as much to capability to be perceived and being or presence. Compare to being, spirit, consciousness, perception, impression, intuition, love, dasein.


Those entities to which changes in entity has possibility to create danger by immediate effect. Connectedness is not just object of perception or intentionality of existence, but aggregation surrounding being; eg. "situation" or "framework", ergo not just goal-directedness of existence but also that which restrains being.

Immediate effect

Changes in stance and perception of entity causes changes in the world, and that connectedness affects in itself.

Transition to Contradiction

Aggregation - Nestling - Chaos

Transition to Existence

Expectancy - Fitting into - Restrict oneself

Interaction in Mediateness

Adaptation - Imitation - Dependency

Protectionality in Mediateness

Protection - Mediator - Commitment

Oneness in Mediateness

Mutuality - Concern - Intertwining


Note: this is not a closed system. This is a way to express it.

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