Existential approach.

Existence - Being - Tiredness - Love | Death

Existence - Individual - Meaning - Other - Borders of World - Reality

Existence is authentic being where distress is not foremost, but still always suspending.

Question about individual asks how much some entity can be comprehended as independent, when it is part of an integral netwok, and how much it's attributes are individual qualities, as they are divided into world.

Existence is not controlled eg. by pleasure, but by meaning which consults life.

Other is an external entity or organization of things around it, towards which' being existence directs itself when acting or builds itself on it, and towards where being's drain and pressure accumulates.

Individual's being or search of meaning has limits, borders of the world. They may be tied to time or place, and can be seen as prejudice or contingencies, but they are the boundaries by which meaning is possible - they are preconditions of experiencing meaning, paradoxes unable to solve. Solving them can become possible, but only arrogant self-aggrandizement can bypass whole problem, opening of predating.

Existence faces being within meaningfulness where things have their places. placing things is not arbitrariness where aggression is allowed to carry them in order of pleasure. Reality itself announces the limits of existence, whereas lockedness of aggression doesn't do that but forces or permits instead.

Being - Wondering - Playing - Pressure - Parallelism - Scream - Contagious

If existence has abstract relationship to something, it's being, towards which it's relationship is passive (entity).

Being wonders entities within it's range of perception.

Playing and joking is activity to handle issues it doesn't understand and control, but with which it drifts.

Pressure of being that rises from something's existence.

Other similarly being proceed beside in parallel.

Some sound or sign in general that arises from pressure of being. (Scream)

Being or it's issues connect in pressure or are connected in pressure and stagnancy. (Contagious)

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