Cultural Fatality

We are far from a better future.

If nature enthusiasts can't understand their immediate devastating effect to nature, due to contradictions derived from being a part of a human race and it's molestating structures, they're not understanding nature at all, it's interaction or reciprocalness.

This video has been lately shared as a good entertainment. Not something you see every day: water rail attacking a kingfisher! Video shooter decided to stay in his position taping, instead of (constant) questioning is he somehow himself tensifying the atmosphere and driving creatures too close each other to be able to avoid fighting. He even hoped a bittern there: "the 3 birds just happened to converge at same spot simultaneously". And he wasn't?

How this entertainment differs from watching cockfighting? Too humane.

This second picture even has a caller for help. Magpie Eating A Young Fieldfare Utterly perversely he stays firm. I can hear magpie asking do you really allow me to do this? And young fieldfare... Nothing worth of hearing?

This people says their collection of birds from window-collisions: "So educational and really engaged people to see the birds....all the various species, sizes and colours." Calgary Migratory Species Response Team (CMSRT) @CalgaryResponse Inspired by @FLAPCanada we had a laying out of the birds as well. Human fitting/orientation to self made environmental conditions can cause emergence of abhorrent cultural practices.

And "invasive species"? Rightful space for Scientific Killing?

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