Distress concerning predation in nature

It's wrong to say that predator always takes the "weakest" (which is also oversimplification of evolution theory). It may just take one who is at that particular moment in a bad position, out of protection.

It may be said that on those occasions there were too many birds that the habitat couldn't support at that particular moment and one way to the nature to solve such issue is predation. Other ways could be diseases or injuries after fighting.

In any case the only possible solution is not reducing the number of animals in such situation or habitat, but expecially in case of human built environment to examine why the animals have to be concentrated in that one particular place, or could the habitat in general be improved... etc?

Following the occurrences of any forms of deaths may give us hints what is wrong in our environment (or in us), not blind support of predation. Distress, fear and antipathy are as natural reactions to natural events than predation or death in is part of nature. How we react to things is much broader question.

Natural events are messages nature gives us.

Luotu 2020-02-17 15:07 | Muokattu 2020-02-20 07:26