Natural Corruption

Once some people took videos and watched in short distance for minutes goshawk holding crow under it which was still unharmed and alive trying to get out. Just perverse! Based on what I've seen goshawks don't seem to especially kill their victims from misery, but start to eat them from lower body and they die when they die. If that is to somebody success, I wonder what for them a failure is...

And this is your entertainment?

As it is, it doesn't make it difficult to see why most of people just don't care, take their entertainment elsewhere, and take no notion of nature or care protecting it. Most of the nature-thinking is just as flawed as everything "human".


Much of the "love" people say they're sharing is actually based on predative behavior of their companions. My notion and complaint is what people actually are seeking and how that activity actually narrows their perception etc. Even when single person may escape the notion how brutal his/her presence in nature may actually be, it doesn't escape them as anotion of total humanity – they only have other people to blame and that's functional part of it.

Luotu 2020-05-19 22:32 | Muokattu 2020-05-19 22:32